Commitment to quality and excellence in TIRME was born in the company itself, formalizing the implementation in the year 2000, a volunteer management system based on the international standards of the ISO 9000 series. The environmental dimension at TIRME management approach is necessarily different since your business is precisely to take care of the environment. Therefore the implementation of an environmental management system, through which takes place a strict control of aspects and environmental risks, as well as establishing objectives of continuous improvement has been addressed from the very beginning. In this way, development, consolidation and improvement of the quality management system has occurred in parallel with the environmental management, the latter following the model of the standard UNE-EN-ISO 14001.

Throughout these years, TIRME has continued its work on the consolidation of the integrated systems of quality and environment management, for the currently certified activities of design, construction, setting up and exploitation of plants of waste treatment and infrastructure associated, certifying the specific processes in the year 2010 the light packaging selection plant, which are attached to the existing ones: the Waste Energy plant and transfer stations plants. In this line of work, and in 2012, have joined the system of quality and environment management specific processes of the security deposit, slag treatment plant and Solar drying plant and in 2015 the Plant of anaerobic digestion and Composting Plant of the Can Canut area.

The interest of TIRME to incorporate best practices business it has also driven to certify new management systems. Proof of this is the implementation of the model of Family-Responsible Company (EFR), certified in 2008, and the integration of new management systems like Safety and Health at work OSHAS 18001:2007 standard, certified in 2009, on Security of Information according to the norm UNE-ISO/IEC 27001, certified in 2011, and the Energy Efficiency according to the norm UNE-EN-ISO-50001 certified in 2012.

Commitment to Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility has also been integrated into the values of the company, outlining their strategies and setting up day by day the company culture, as well as its shape related to the physical, social and economic environment. This is how TIRME aims to satisfy in a balanced manner the needs and expectations of its stakeholders, ensuring maximum satisfaction and adaptation to the needs of the same, and orienting it towards an increasingly more responsible management of its activities and [...]


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