Master Plan for Urban Waste Mallorca

The Plenum of the "Consell Insular de Mallorca", at its meeting on 6 February 2006, finally approved the text and graphic documents that make up the REVISION OF DIRECTOR SECTOR PLAN FOR THE URBAN WASTE MANAGEMENT OF THE ISLAND OF MALLORCA approved in 2000 and which is clearly in line with the National Urban Waste Plan (PNRU). The Plan has a direct influence on different types of waste, municipal waste, packaging waste, waste gas cleaning and slag from incineration, sludge from wastewater treatment sludge, and construction and demolition waste, tires and bulky out of use of Mallorca.

The objectives of this sector master plan are:

1. The stabilization of municipal waste generation per capita and year made within the time horizon of this plan.

2. The recovery or incineration with energy recovery of at least 60% by weight of packaging waste by 2008.

3. Achieving a minimum recycling 55% and 80% maximum for the year 2008 for packaging waste.

4. The achievement of recycling targets for 2008 for the following materials in packaging waste:

a) 60% by weight of glass.

b) 60% by weight of cardboard.

c) 50% by weight of metal.

d) 22.5% by weight of plastics.

e) 15% by weight of wood.

5. The achievement of the objectives of collection for the year 2013 and for each of the following fractions:

a) 68% for paperboard.

b) 68% for glass.

c) 28% for light packaging.

d) 55% for the organic fraction of municipal wastes.

6. Achieving treatment goals for the year 2013 for urban waste to the island of Mallorca (entries a, b, c and e of Article 2.2) as follows:

a) 38% recovery of waste material included within the scope of this master plan sector of which 43% will go to waste, as specified under the heading a) of Article 2.2 and 100% for the wastes specified in section a) of that Article.

b) 62% incineration with energy recovery.

c) 0% of landfill disposal, except for emergencies.

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