Composting Plant Marratx (Zone 1):

Located in the area of Ca'n Canut, this compost plant treats the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW), the Vegetable Fraction (VF) and the thickened sludge from the digestion plants and the anaerobic digestion treatment plants in Mallorca.

The building consists of two plants. The first one is where the sludge and the crushed pruning are stored and prepared. Furthermore, this is where the compost is matured after its sotrage. The second plant is devoted entirely to the composting process with dynamic tunnels.

Composting Plant Calvia (Zone 3):

The Calvia Composting Plant is located in the Z-3 zone and it reaches an area of 5,700 m2. It is designed to treat the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW) and the vegetable fraction (VF) from municipal sources, as well as personal sources and agencies. The plants treatment capacity is of 2.000t/year OFMSW and 900 t / year of VF.

The design of the installation was carried out taking into account not only the material input and the quality of the product that wants to be obtained, but also avoiding odour emission and spreading.

Felanitx Composting Plant:

In composting plants Ariany, Felanitx and Sa Pobla treated sludge from the sewage plants of IBASAN and nearby municipalities.

Also with Sa Pobla and Ariany they were built between 1990 and 1994. Its aim, one the one hand, is the disposal of uncontrolled waste to the sludge area and, on the other hand, the reutilization of the product for the agro-forestry sector.

In 2000, TIRME committed titself to the operation of these facilities.

The plants were designed to treat 8,000 t / year of sludge, with a maximum humidity of 80%.

The treatment system which was chosen for these composting facilities consists on accelerated composting, which uses a dynamic reactor with the shape of a

gutter-ditch. This movement is carried out by automatic channel turners.

The waste which is treated in these facilities consists on:

- sludge from municipal sewage treatment plants.

- local prunings deriving from landscaping companies, government agencies and private users.

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