How does the Waste to Energy Plant works?


Once the waste arrives to the plant, is discharged into the pit from where it is introduced by a crane, to the feed hoppers.

Then the waste enters the furnaces where they are incinerated and is obtained as a byproduct inert slag. The combustion gases from the furnace flows through the boiler which produces steam. This is transformed into electrical energy in a turbo. The gases pass into the boiler flue gas cleaning system by entering the semi-dry reactor for washing by the addition of lime. Then head down a duct into the bag filter. The activated carbon injection is produced by passing the gases from the reactor dry and bag filters. In the latter, the gases pass through a crowd of porous tubes where the particles are retained and the undesirable components. When gases pass to filter out the draft fan, whose role is to promote, and clean of contaminants, so that the fire through it are dispatched to the atmosphere.

The ash collected in the reactor and in the baghouse are treated in the plant itself through a process of stabilization / solidification with cement before being transferred to the security deposit. This system, though expensive, is very effective to prevent any contamination in the environment.

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