The introduction of efficient and environmentally advanced systems for the suitable management of waste is one of the main challenges of the 21st Century, now known as the Century of the environment.

This suitable management of waste requires, apart from a tailor made solution for each situation, a consensus at all levels, political, social, economic, working... The TIRME project, which was founded in 1992 with adjudication of the concession of the public service for the management of urban waste in Majorca, has evolved in accordance with the needs of the Majorcan society, established by the three waste plans which have been fixed by the guidelines for the model of urban and assumable waste management in the island.

A model which is now used as a benchmark all over Europe and in the World, a fact supported by the number of institutional visits made to the Environmental Technology Park in Majorca. TIRME is seeking to become the reference point in the subject of waste management and offer an efficient and effective service to the Majorcan society to which we are indebted.

Waste management model implemented in Mallorca today allows you to reach the strategic goal of zero waste, on the basis that all urban and assimilated waste delivered to the system, are valued material or energy. It is, without doubt, a project environmentally advanced, economically viable and socially accepted. For an island like Mallorca that lives off tourism and, therefore, its landscape and territory, have a waste management model based on the zero waste is not a whim, it is almost an obligation.

We know all the achievements would have been possible without our most important value, workers of TIRME, whose effort and professionalism have made our company a leader and benchmark company in the market of waste treatment.

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