R&D+I Projects

In TIRME There is a clear conviction about the importance of culture of R & D and technological innovation in the business sector as propellant element of competitiveness and socioeconomic growth. Its importance results in their activity and the results are a technological breakthrough in the development of new products or production processes or substantial improvements of existing ones. The objectives of R + D + i are mainly to improve the competitiveness of the company, reverse these improvements to citizens and social welfare and increase knowledge of the world in all areas.

The most important projects are briefly described below:

  • 'Implementation of the new combustion control grid roller, developed by TIRME'.

  • 'Getting a design patent system utilization of residual energy of a PVE air condenser for heating the primary combustion air'

  • 'SADAKO collaboration agreement for the implementation of online robotic arm rejection of the packaging plant to improve the efficiency of separation of PET'.

  • 'Campaign structural test control sections in the Ma-30 made with Ecoárido, in collaboration with the Center for Studies and Experimentation of Public Works - CEDEX'. The four sections combine the two layers of soil, cement stabilized soil and comparing the use of Ecoárido with quarry material.

  • 'Feasibility study and testing for use of boiler ash in cement manufacture with CEMEX'. Objective: To reduce the consumption of natural resources in the manufacture of cement.

  • 'Participation in Project FARM URBASER led to the development of a process of concentration and extraction of metals Non-Fe content in the ash and slag.' Sending samples, and tracking results.

  • 'Research study with the UIB for assessing the quality of ammonium sulfate produced in chemical washes and establishing patterns of use and dose and species to receive this type of fertilizer'. ' Objective: To convert waste into a resource.

  • 'Research study with the UIB for the assessment of sewage sludge compost in the production of ornamental plants for green roofs.'

  • 'Collaboration agreement with the Leonardo Torres Quevedo Foundation of the University of Cantabria for Disease Control and Environmental Monitoring Weir Corral Serra (Santa Margalida), made by instrumentation and modeling using the MODUELO software tool developed by the Research Group Environmental the university '

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