TIRME has a Code of Ethics.


The ultimate goal is to achieve, with the collaboration of all TIRME staff and its Stakeholders, a framework of coexistence and self-responsibility.


1. All persons in the company must comply with the principles of legality, transparency, truthfulness, trust and good faith in the performance of their duties.


2. The persons of the company shall not commit any illegal act in relation to the execution and fulfillment of the activities of their position.


3. All persons in the undertaking shall enjoy equal conditions and opportunities regardless of race or ethnicity, religion, ideology, nationality, gender, sexual orientation/identity, age, disability, diversity, political affiliation, participation in trade unions, illness, HIV status, genetic predisposition to pathologies, language, socio-economic status, or any other personal or social circumstance.


4. The freedom of conscience and religious and moral convictions, integrity and privacy of all persons shall be respected.


5. All persons shall be treated fairly, with dignity and respect, including those persons who, although from other companies, work temporarily in TIRME facilities.


6. No type of intimidation, direct and indirect discrimination, harassment in any of its forms, illicit or degrading treatment of any of the people, by any colleague and / or superior in the entire hierarchical line, as well as abuse, coercion or any other type of non-professional actions will be tolerated. In particular, care will be taken to guarantee the integrity and rights of minors who visit the company's facilities.


7. It will not be tolerated, under any type of premise, any type of aggression, whether sexual assault, violent actions and / or physical or verbal threats, including aggressive, derogatory and / or inappropriate behavior, that violate the dignity of a person.


8. Conduct against sexual freedom and moral integrity at work will not be tolerated, with special emphasis on sexual harassment and harassment based on sex.


9. Each person shall endeavour, as far as possible, to fulfil the responsibilities assigned to him. A continuous and voluntary decline in work performance will not be tolerated.



10. Acts of indiscipline, understood as the conscious and willful breach of the obligations of the contract, as well as acts of direct disobedience of orders received by the hierarchical superior in reference to the performance of their activities in the company, will not be tolerated.


11. It is not allowed to work under the influence of substances, which may affect our body preventing the normal development of our tasks and compromising our safety during the development of the same, as well as the consumption of alcoholic beverages during the working day.


12. [...]


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