Environmental control

Environmental controls applicable to urban waste treatment facilities referred to in the PDSGRUM are regulated through a Programme of Measures and specific environmental monitoring (in later PMVA), approved by a resolution of the Consellera de Medi Ambient and published in the Official Gazette of les Illes Balears (BOIB No. 59 of 17 May 2001), which has been complementing / updating of the integrated environmental authorisation requirements (in later ensuite) facilities included in the regulatory framework of IPPC (plant of anaerobic digestion and composting of zone 1; Solar sludge drying plant; Waste to energy Plant, production of Ecoarido and security deposit; (and deposit of rejections of zone 2).

The PMVA is an extensive and ambitious programme, which specifies the environmental object of study (water, emissions into the atmosphere, smells, noise, soil, air and by-products such as the ecoarido, cemented ash and compost quality), parameters to control, as well as the frequency and type of analysis.

All this applies to taking into account the possible conditions to the natural environment and the towns near treatment plants managed by TIRME on the island of Mallorca, with the ultimate goal of guaranteeing good performance and minimal impact from the facilities, compliance with applicable environmental legislation and proceed, if necessary, depending on the results, the adoption of appropriate remedial measures.

For the development of the checks provided for in the PMVA and the ensuite, it hires agencies collaborators of the Administration, as well as entities and specialized laboratories.

The data are delivered to the Consell de Mallorca and are presented and discussed in a specific Committee set up within the own PMVA, the technical monitoring Committee of the PMVA, which is composed of representatives of the Conselleria de Medi Ambient of the Govern Balear, representatives of the Consell of Majorca, EMAYA, TIRME and entities carrying out controls, among which the UIB is currently.

The dissemination of the results of the application of the PMVA takes place annually through the Advisory Committee of the management of the non dangerous waste of Majorca, part of which the Consell de Mallorca, the Balearic Government, the municipalities where they are located treatment plants, entities citizens (federations or associations of local entities of the Balearic Islands, associations of neighbors, etc.), entities of recognised prestige in the autonomous community (UIB, professional associations, etc.) and other environmental and social organizations.

At the same time, all generated environmental documentation is delivered to the competent bodies of the Balearic Government in different [...]


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