Solar Drying

The Solar Drying Plant is located in the Z-1 area of Ca'n Canut. The drying area covers an area of 17,200 m2 divided into 12 separate chambers, with a usable area of 1439.3 m2 per chamber.

The Solar Drying Plant has been designed for the treatment of digested sludge, digest and undigested sludge with a dry matter content above 25% and a final product with a dry matter percentage of between 65% and 80%.

The tons of sludge that are to be dealt amount to 30,000, with a final product of energetically valuable 10.125t of dry sludge.

The monthly distribution of sludge is calculated according to climatic conditions and solar radiation, temperature, relative humidity and the influence of external heat. Three of the cameras are designed to receive external power from the gases origining in the biogas  engine, which  heat a water circuit and are lead through water-air exchangers.

The cameras are built with a self-supporting galvanized steel structure, greenhouse type. The transparency of the covered enclosure material means an increase of the drying efficiency.

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