What it is?

The Light Packaging Selection Plant is designed to treat the light packaging generated on the island of Mallorca.


The packaging which comes from the recyling containers (yellow containers), is both manually and mechanically separated and classified into : cardboard and paper, PEAD ( plastic drums), PEBD (supermarket carrier bags ), PET (plastic drinks bottles ), PVC (bleach bottles), MIX (mixed plastics ), paper – aluminium drinks containers (Tetrabrik), aluminium, scrap metal and glass. After its separation the waste is sent to the recycling plants.


The nominal hourly capacity is 4.7 t / h for a shift of 8 hours, which is roughly the equivalent of about 7.000t of treated packaging during a single shift. There are currently two shifts operating from Monday through Friday, bringing the treatment capacity  up to 14.00t / year.


TIRME contracts its employees from the Fundació Deixalles. The remaining tasks, for example, management, administration, supervision, maintenance and logistics are carried out by  our pesonnel at TIRME.


The quality of the selected materials at the end of the process is stated by Ecoembajes Spain, as stated in the agreement signed between the enterprise and the Consell de Mallorca.


All the selected materials are shipped to the mainland because the islands have not implemented any industry engaged in the processing of plastics and other materials for their subsequent recycling.

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