How it works

The production process consists of:

1 .- The reception and weighing of the vehicles coming from the municipal wastewater treatment plant stations and / or digestion.

2 .- The unloading and distribution in the drying chambers. This distribution is done with a loading shovel. The thickness of the layer is homogeneous and it varies depending on the season. There is an area available next to the pit area for storing discharge points can not be addressed.

3 .- The ventilation and air exchange. Due to the need for comprehensive indoor air treatment, especially in the first phase, the chambers are closed. The air exchange takes place through the central plant by folding overhead windows and then goes to wash chemical or outside depending on the time spent. Air exchange with the outside is controlled by folding front windows with an automatic opening as well as exhaust fans, which allow the direct discharge to the outside or its treatment depending on the evolution of the sludge during the drying process. Inside the chambers an optimum continuous air flow is provided on the sludge surface. The system consists of 96 exhaust fans, 8 units / chamber (196,000 m3 / h) which drive to the outside, and finally, 180 recirculating fans, 15 units per chamber , which provide an optimal air flow on the sludge surface.

4 .- The installation has a heat exchange system in three of its cameras. Six exchangers have been installed per chamber, with a total thermal power of 250 kW at 90 ° C. The total thermal power available throughout the whole plant is 750 kW. The contribution of external heat is conducted from the biogas engine, located in the digestion plant, through a closed circuit hot water pipes.

5 .- The sludge turning is carried out with Thermo-System technology. Each drying chamber has two Moles power units, which is a 4-wheeled robot controlled by a microprocessor that turns, mixes and aerates the sludge.

6 .- Once the sludge has reached an adequate dryness, the chamber is emptied using a loading shovel. To do this, the Moles are paused, the intermediate barriers are removed and the sludge is stacked in the center of the chamber. It is then loaded onto a truck and, finally, it is transported to the Waste Incineration with Energy Recovery Plant.

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