TIRME renews its certificate as a family-responsible company

17/02/21 | | NEWS

TIRME has renewed the efr Certificate as an organization committed to the well-being of workers and their families. This certificate, awarded by Fundación Másfamilia, endorses an organizational model that is committed to flexibility, the reconciliation of work and personal life, equal opportunities and the inclusion of the most disadvantaged groups.


After conducting the corresponding audit, TIRME has been promoted to the proactive category B +. This implies the development of processes to identify the needs of the workers, a subsequent monitoring of the measures adopted, and final audits to identify points for improvement.


The efr Certificate is a further step in the achievement of a series of objectives set out in the TIRME Collective Agreement for the period 2019-2023, such as facilitating early retirement or retirement, the right to digital disconnection, the extension of the range of start of the day, the increase in school aid or the enjoyment of the reduction of the day to care for minors up to 14 years of age.


In addition, the efr Certificate values the five action plans implemented by TIRME to guarantee its workers a respectful and consistent treatment with the principles of a modern and plural society:


• Conciliation and Equality Plan, which regulates the behavior of the company regarding conciliation

• Manual of Conciliation Measures, which includes all the measures available to staff

• Harassment Prevention Protocol, to define, prevent and, where appropriate, act and eliminate those behaviors that are likely to be classified as moral, sexual and / or gender-based harassment

• Addiction Plan, for its detection in the work environment that allows the adoption of adequate measures against dependent or addictive behaviors

• Plan for the integration of disability and diversity, which gives attention to people with different capacities and to the diversity component; a Training Plan through which we promote the professional and personal development of the staff.


All of this contributes to achieving TIRME's goal of building loyalty among its staff, a strategy that management considers key to the social and economic sustainability of its business project.

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