Tirme renews agreement with non-profit organizations

30/12/21 | | NEWS

For the second consecutive year, Tirme has signed collaboration agreements with three non-profit organizations BANCO de ALIMENTOS, MALLORCA SENSE FAM and CARITAS, and the agricultural cooperatives AGROMALLORCA, ES MERCA and SON MARCH, with the ultimate goal of distributing food among families and people in a situation of food precariousness in Mallorca.


The project aims to foster the relationship between local food producers and NGOs dedicated to combating food shortages, a problem aggravated in recent months by the COVID 19 crisis.


TIRME has donated 10,000 euros to each of the three entities, they commit to acquire products for that value in each of the three agri-food cooperatives. NGOs will identify food needs, collect products and distribute them to families and people in precarious situations. For their part, the entities of the primary sector will make available all the requested food, facilitating the logistics for its collection.


Finally, TIRME will also make available to agricultural cooperatives the compost generated through the organic fraction selected in the homes and economic activities of the island, thus closing the productive circle of the agri-food sector.

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