Information Center and Environmental Education

The Information Center and Environmental Education (ICAE), Environmental Technology Park is a functional and versatile building cube-shaped, with some modules built from agglomerated products from recycling. It is a glass plant where natural light is maximized with the energy savings involved.

Outside emphasizes the integration of a large lake in the environment, a group of sculptures made from recycled metals, and the train, used to make more comfortable and flexible movement of visitors through the various treatment plants, with the objective to show and explain the operation of the park.

While it may be setting for all kinds of events, the Information Center and Environmental Education is the basic purpose of being a space for environmentally aware and retrain all the people who visit this center. In it, find different spaces, such as hall, workshops, activities, several training rooms and offices, among others.

TIRME Environmental Technology Park Mallorca Ctra. de Sóller, km 8,2 - 07120 Palma de Mallorca
Tel. +34 971 435 050 - Fax: +34 971 435 218