World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development


This is the second year that World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development has been celebrated, proclaimed by UNESCO in 2019 to highlight the achievements and advances of engineering and promote everyone's understanding of how science and technology are paramount. for modern life and sustainable development. The Day is also an opportunity to address the need for engineering capacity and quality of male and female engineers around the world and to develop strategic frameworks and best practices for the implementation of engineering solutions for sustainable development.

Engineering plays a key role in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as it uses the principles of science and mathematics to develop practical applications in food, water, energy, environment, sustainable cities, resilience to natural disasters and other areas that are crucial to all of humanity. It is also crucial for the development of new technologies that allow the 4th Industrial Revolution, such as artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics or quantum computing, etc. Engineering is at the heart of our modern world and will shape the future.

Engineers must be aware of the need to achieve a balance between the use of resources and the needs of the next generations, conserving the environment and ecosystems to promote engineering and its valuable role in sustainable development.

At Tirme we join this celebration to give value to our body of engineers who work day by day so that our organization continues to be a leader in sustainability and technological innovation, all of this to face the challenges of climate change and new challenges in waste management.

During this day, male and female engineers from around the world are invited to offer proposals that help achieve the 17 objectives of the 2030 Agenda.

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