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Organic Fraction
37.293 t
vegetable fraction
21.606 t
Sewage sludge
37.697 t
16.207 t
Paper and cardboard
20.747 t
Light packaging
17.921 t

Circular economy

At Tirme, we have integrated the circular economy into our business strategy in order to guarantee the sustainable development of our processes and the community we serve. A further goal is to become drivers of circular economy projects among the island's various economic, social, business and institutional agents. To this end, we introduce ongoing improvements to our processes and innovate through the creation of new projects that contribute to the circular economy culture.

Sustainable Development Goals


Our activity is directly linked to compliance with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this sense, our strategic planning is based precisely on these SDGs; including environmental management policies (SDGs 6,7, 9 and 11-15), human capital management policies (SDGs 4, 5, and 8) and local community support policies (SDGs 8, 9, 11 and 17).

Corporate SocialResponsibility

Our impact in figures


of waste received


municipalities included in the service


volume of local suppliers


visits to our facilities

Environmental impact

We promote a sustainable business model that cares for the environment and is committed to fighting climate change.

At Tirme, our activity provides solutions for the environmental challenges posed by waste management on the island of Mallorca. We work tirelessly to guarantee protection for the environment and to integrate environmental sustainability into the strategic planning of our business activity, with solutions that drive the circular economy.


Climate change

The climate emergency is one of the greatest threats of our century. Consequently, in a context dominated by climate uncertainty, it is essential to anticipate the risks of climate change and define a solid roadmap. Our determination to tackle the challenge of climate change is one of our major priorities.

In this sense, monitoring and managing our carbon footprint, which measures all the Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) generated directly or indirectly by our activity, are key issues that raise our awareness of the impact we have, enabling us to follow their evolution and promote improvement measures and mitigation actions.

At Tirme, we work hard each day to ensure that our commitment to the fight against climate change is reflected in all our actions, contributing to a reduction in the impact on the environment and generating benefits for all: our planet and our community.

Daily emissions data

Continuous emissions data from the Son Reus Energy Recovery Plant (Day: 20/06/24 )

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line 3
line 4

Percentage of emissions compared to the daily emission limit

Data pending validation by the Administration


The Environmental Surveillance and Measures Plan (PMVA in its Spanish initials) is an ambitious, far-reaching programme that stipulates those environmental aspects that are the object of study (water, atmospheric emissions, odours, noise, soils, air quality and sub-products such as eco-aggregates, cement-stabilised fly ash and compost), the parameters to be monitored, as well as the frequency and type of analysis.

During their application, due consideration is given to possible impacts on the natural environment and the areas of population situated close to the treatment plants managed by TIRME on the island of Mallorca in order to guarantee the correct functioning of the facilities and minimise their impact, as well as compliance with the environmental legislation in force and, based on the results obtained, to adopt the necessary corrective measures when necessary. .

General terms and conditions of purchase

The objective of the General Terms and Conditions of Purchases, Works and Services is to regulate relations between TIRME and its Suppliers. They are included in the Contract Documentation for the purchase/contracting of equipment, materials, works or services.


At Tirme we have an Integrated Management System that determines our action framework, allowing us to define the measures, procedures and resources necessary to achieve the goals we have set. This system is described in our Integrated Management Policy, which includes the undertakings and objectives that will drive a model based on excellence, social responsibility and ongoing improvement. In turn, this policy is set within a framework of business ethics, compliance with regulations and care for the environment and people. This enables us to contribute to the growth of our company, progress for society and the protection of our planet.  

All this is endorsed by a series of interconnected certifications that underpin our integrated management model and demonstrate our determination to introduce ongoing improvements and comply with the highest national and international standards. Furthermore, it allows us to roll out our strategic vision.