The objectives of 4R: Current tendencies in solid waste treatment are moving towards de implementation of actions to reduce waste generated, recover from the waste those elements that may be reused and eliminating the unusable elements in a manner that is respectful of the enviroment. The European Union has laid down guidelines for suitable waste management that guarantees the protection of the environment and for wich the development of the so-called 4R's must be encouraged. Tirme's 2 new Rs Apart from the 4R's proposed by the European authorities, Tirme has included two more R's in its policy: re-education and social reinsertion.

Reducing Avoiding the production of waste and in harmfulness, for wich a radical change in patterns of production and consumption is necessary.

Reusing Reusing everything that is left over prolongs the life span of products and means less waste is produced.

Recycling Certains materials present in waste can be reused as raw materials for industry, agriculture and in other fields. By recycling, we save resources and reduce the amount of waste produced, thus cutting down on the amount we have to dispose of.

Recovery Recovering, by means of thermal treatment of waste, the energy they contain. By making use of this energy we can save energy that normally comes from other sources and reduce by 90% the total volume of municipal waste. At the same time, this avoids the huge visual and environmental impact of refuse dumps.

Re-educating Because the best way to approach environmental problems is to help and encourage all citizens to become involved in looking for solutions, this is done by making them sensitive to the problems.

Reinsertion Tirme has signedcollaboration agreements with different bodies and provides job opportunities to groups of people who are at risk of suffering social exclusion.

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